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The Complete Book of Running for Women

Claire Kowalchik

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A comprehensive guide exclusively for women who experience the pure joy of running—or want to. More women than ever are discovering the unique benefits of running -- for stress relief, weight management, endurance, and self-esteem. Women's bodies are not the same as men's, and though we can train just as hard and with the same passion for excellence, we have certain special concerns. It's the simplest, fastest, most accessible way to fitness and good health known to woman. You don't need a partner, equipment, or even much time. Now, Claire Kowalchik, former managing editor of Runner's World magazine, answers every question about the overwhelmingly popular activity that builds endurance, melts fat, and even prevents illness. In this total running book for women, you'll learn: -How to get started and stay motivated -What to eat for optimal nutrition -How to run during pregnancy and after menopause -Why running is the most effective form of exercise -How to prevent and treat injury -What to wear -- from sports bras to running shoes -How to prepare for everything from a 5K to a marathon Authoritative and friendly, The Complete Book of Running for Women is a sourcebook for both beginners and long-time runners. Along with wisdom drawn from the author's personal experience, you'll find advice from the experts: coaches, exercise physiologists, nutritionists, doctors, and other women runners. Including question-and-answer sections and a complete list of resources, The Complete Book of Running for Women tells you everything you need to know to be off and running toward better health and richer living.

Condition: New
Publisher: Gallery Books
Publication Date: 2000-09-18
Format: Paperback
Weight(KG): 0.658
ISBN: 9780671017033