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Spain: Mallorca: Sport Climbing and Deep Water Soloing

Mark Glaister

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The Mediterranean island of Mallorca is now well known as a sport climbing destination and has also established itself as the home of Europe's best deep water soloing. This latest edition of the Mallorca Rockfax brings together all the sport and DWS into one book. The sport section includes a number of major new crags that haven't appeared in previous books plus many new routes and sectors at the existing crags, and the DWS section adds to the 2011 edition with new crags plus many updates, changes and new crag photos. The sport section now covers 34 crags from Cap Formentor to Puig de Garafa, and from Port de Soller to Tijuana. Rockfax is the default guide for Mallorca. This is the only English language guidebook that covers this wide range of crags and the only book that is easily available to travelling climbers. It is also be the only guidebook in print for several of the crags.

Condition: New
Publisher: Rockfax Ltd
Publication Date: 2016-01-15
Format: Paperback
Weight(KG): 0.75
ISBN: 9781873341186