Pinch Me: A Long Walk from the Prairies

Pinch Me: A Long Walk from the Prairies

Beth Rowles Scott

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Pinch Me. Why pinch me? So I can be sure that this happiness I feel is not a dream, that my life has really changed so much since I was a fat little girl in Saskatchewan. Growing up, losing my fatness and leaving my home province was sometimes fun, sometimes painful, often challenging. But what about this happiness? Did I really find it? Should I have expected to? There were times when I would experience happiness, but then I would lose it again. When I caught a glimpse of it, it had a habit of slipping out of sight. Happiness seemed to play games with me. Does it play hide-and-seek with everyone? Surely there is a way to grab happiness and keep it. I never did find a way to trap it. But I did have enough sightings of this elusive, mysterious happiness, and enough help from those who loved me, to give me a formula from which to make my own happiness. I tested the happiness formula again and again and eventually believed that the findings were true enough to be released, here, to the public. This story presents happiness as it was found by that once fat little girl from Saskatchewan, Beth Bowles. Perhaps you have found your own way to happiness. But if you have not, do taste the ingredients of the Pinch Me happiness brew. May they serve you well!

Condition: New
Publisher: Granville Island Publishing
Publication Date: 2010-02-11
Format: Paperback
Weight(KG): 0.388

ISBN: 9781894694742

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