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Mossad: The Great Operations of Israel's Famed Secret Service

Michael Bar-Zohar

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Mossad unveils the defining and most dangerous operations, unknown heroes, and mysterious agents of the world's most respected--and most enigmatic--intelligence service. Here are the thrilling stories of daring top secret missions, including the capture of Adolf Eichmann, the eradication of Black September, the destruction of the Syrian nuclear facility, and the elimination of key Iranian nuclear scientists. Drawn from intensive research and exclusive interviews with Israeli leaders and Mossad operatives, this riveting history brings to life the brave agents, deadly villains, and major battlegrounds that have shaped Israel and the world at large for more than sixty years.

Condition: New
Publisher: The Robson Press
Publication Date: 2015-11-05
Format: Paperback
Weight(KG): 0.4
ISBN: 9781849549394