From the Jaws of Death: Extreme True Adventures of Man vs. Nature

Brogan Steele

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A harrowing collection of true tales of death and survival under the most extreme conditions imaginable There comes a time in some men’s lives when their physical and emotional states are pushed to the limit. Maybe their boat has capsized and they are adrift in the ocean, or maybe they’ve fallen into an ice crevasse, with no apparent way out. It is in these moments men discover what they are truly made of and whether they have the courage and physical strength to come back From the Jaws of Death. This explosive collection showcases twenty-three stories of adventure gone horribly wrong, including: --“The Devil's Thumb' by Jon Krakauer: the bestselling author recounts his perilous solo climb of Alaska's infamous Devil's Thumb --'Surviving the St. Patrick' by Spike Walker: the crew of a fishing boat face crushing waves in the middle of a winter storm in the Gulf of Alaska --'Look for a Corpse' by Larry Kaniut: a man buried by an avalanche fights to make it out alive --'The Boat Journey' by Sir Ernest Shackleton: when his expedition's ship is destroyed, Shackleton and five of his crewmembers resolve to cross 800 ocean miles in a lifeboat to look for help --And many more! This is one of the finest and most extreme collections of true adventure ever assembled.

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