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The Two-Family House: A Novel

Brooklyn, 1947: in the midst of a blizzard, in a t...
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Once a Runner: A Novel

Originally self-published in 1978, Once a Runnerha...
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Single, Carefree, Mellow

'Katherine Heiny's work does something magical: el...
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The Orphan Mother: A Novel

Now in paperback, the epic tale of one remarkable ...
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'Where the crawdads sing' by Delia Owens Book Review by Our Mumble Books Reader, Megan Martin-Foy

I’ve fallen sucker to ‘Book Tok’. A trend on the social media platform, Tik Tok, where people post videos about their favourite books. It’...

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C. J. Tudor Author Profile

As stated before on this blog, the fast paced thriller/mystery novel is absolutely saturating the market at present. They usually follow a similar...

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The Appeal of Romance Novels

There is a genre out there for everyone, and, as mentioned on the blog before, the popularity of certain genres is somewhat cyclical. Thrillers ar...

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