How to Stay Motivated

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In previous blogs on Mumble Books, we have spoken, to a varying degree, about things you can do to ensure that projects you’re working on get done. But we have never explicitly spoken about staying motivated.

Motivation: that one thing we all say we want but rarely does it appear at times it is needed. Everybody, regardless of how young or old, will have moments where their mind is set to eleven, where an idea gestates, and you move forward with that idea with tremendous zest, be it a new drawing, writing music, reading a book, etc. This is also the moment that creative people refer to as The Spark – a moment of divine inspiration that spurs them onto a new project.

No one, however, has this happen frequently, especially not daily. If everyone were inspired or motivated 100% of the time, each and every day, can you imagine what would get done? How many new books would be written, or new movies made? Every house that needed redecorating would just be done, and the number taking up fitness would sky rocket.

But, alas, this does not happen. So, what do you do in order to maintain motivation, even on days where the only thing you want to do is sit in bed and watch TikTok videos?

In our last blog, where we talked about starting 2021 the right way, we discussed about how keeping up with anything long enough will make it a habit. While this doesn’t constitute as motivation in itself, you still need the motivation to make that thing become habit. If we use the book writing analogy again, forcing yourself to write a set number of words a day is a great test of motivation. There will be days where writing those words is extremely difficult while there will be others where they fly off the page. Why not monitor the work on those non-motivated/inspired days? You may be surprised to find that your best work is done when you least want to do it.

Positivity is the great motivator too, not just in yourself but in others too. If you’re taking on a group project, try to be the positive influence. You may not want to do anything either, but that project isn’t going to complete itself.

But the greatest motivator of all is the thought of a job well done. Once you have begun something, or in the preparation stages, just think about the end game. When you’re in the mid-way slump, just remind yourself what you’re working towards. And then, finally, when it's completed, even if what you’ve been working on is a disappointment, take pride in the fact that it’s finished.

There is no worst enemy with motivation than yourself, so try to remove this blockade. Lead by example, even if it’s setting an example to yourself, and show yourself that you can get things done, even when your mind isn’t in it. You’ll be surprised just how productive you can be.

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